e2theLos has learned many things

--if you flirt with a man in line at subway by helping him dress his sub, he will buy your cookies
--5 vodka tonics will give you a hangover
--leroy can in fact jump up on the bed by himself, even though he wakes you up in the middle of the night to lift him, the trifflin' dog
--i have been affected by SAD this long & dreary winter season and i welcome the sun
--someone, who shall remain nameless, has a seventh-grade-style crush on pharell, because he is "so weird looking"
--24 pairs of underwear worn at once will cut off your circulation
--beyonce is hotter than britney
--and speaking of beyonce, i want that rockin' t-shirt she's wearing on the cover of texas monthly
--that there is a lid for every pot. just look at nick & jessica.
--mos def is married with kids. sigh.
--most people are spectators, as proven by the high number of hits to e2theLos but the shockingly low number of answers submitted. e2theLos would like to encourage more people to participate in the next contest; more fun will be had by all. and the mail is worth it!
--and finally, e2theLos should ask her contest participants to send her an email with their submissions, because everyone can view the answers once posted in the comment box. for this, e2theLos apologizes.