Eternal Sunshine of MY Spotless Mind

i have huge gaps in my memory timeline. there are people, places, events, even years i can't recall. my friends say to me, 'remember when?' and 'you remember so-and-so' and i have to say no. i have no idea what they are talking about. i figure it's my coping mechanism & what enables me to be the happy & well-adjusted person i am today. *smile*

if you haven't seen the film, i recommend it.

LTH rocked on saturday night and it was great to hear their tunes again! surprisingly, there was a dearth of cute boys. i am bored in the luv department.

my little sister has kissed samwilliams. she finally succumbed to my relentless pressuring & gave me the skinny: he lives in our neighborhood, plays all sports offered by AHJH, plus tennis, he has longish ashton kutcher-style hair, they sit together at lunch, and sometimes pass notes in between classes. oh, and apparently they suck face.

speaking of, i won the bet!