--my april fool's tricks have either been complete successes or have gone unnoticed. too bad i didn't have the nerve to tell my mom i was pregnant.

--bettyE, who gives me my morning paper everyday at the metro, told her friends today that i am "so nice! that girl is so nice!" now, bettyE is the nicest woman in the world and she never has a bad mood, even when she is standing in the sleet & rain giving papers to thanksless commuters at 7:30am on a tuesday. so i felt so good about myself that bettyE thinks i am nice, much in the same way i feel pleased & smug when i make zev laugh.

--i made some dynamo cookies last night, which i am taking back to my old office for a retirement party today. i really like this friend who is retiring. i like him so much that i went out on a blind date with his son, a cop named tupac.

--my little sister has a boyfriend! a cute boyfriend named sam! that little snark gets all the good stuff, including a trampoline, cute floral bedding, a tv in her room, her own phone line, pink pumas and MY OLD COMPUTER.

--i'm a bit concerned that my
new cell phone is floating out there somewhere in the mail, and i am dependent on the DC government to actually locate it and deliver it to me. anyone want to make a bet on when i'll receive it? winner gets their very own water weenie!