it's gonna be a good year

ya know how i can tell? i am now 26. 2 + 6 = 8, which is my favorite, and lucky, number. so watch out world.

three of my birthday cards referenced my love for shoes, one asked me if anything is funnier than a trio of singing pigs, and one told me not to worry -- we (the senders) will always be older than you.

people keep asking me if i feel old, or if this birthday made me sad. no way! i am very much looking forward to this year; i just know something great is going to happen. turning 26 has, however, made me feel like a total adult and that i need to get a 401K immediately and why don't i have enough money to take the trip to mexico and do i really still think that rhinestone shirt is 'me' and maybe i need to start drinking white wine. for God's sake, last night i cleaned out my panty drawer.

it does seem that my mother thinks i am old, as she sent me two ENORMOUS shirts from lands' end and a silver half-dollar for my birthday.