Let's Play!

name the movie or song. winner will get their *very own* piece of personalized mail, so if i don't know your mailing address of choice, please include. googlers are lame.

1. "it's an electric ear wax cleaner." "it's big!" "it suuuure is."
2. "the army cut my disability pension cause they said the plate in my head wasn't big enough."
3. "and who i am? that i should be vying for your touch? and who am i? i bet you can't even tell me that much."
4. "if don't let me gut this house and make it my own, i will go insane, and i will TAKE YOU WITH ME!"
5. "she was a fast machine, she kept her motor clean, she was the best damn woman that i'd ever seen."
6. "and it does not bother me to say this isn't love. cause if you don't wanna talk about it then, it isn't love."
7. "we have a lot in common...we both like to talk...or not talk..we could talk or not talk for hours."
8. "and the three men i admire most--the Father, Son & the Holy Ghost, well they caught the last train for the coast"
9. "now go in there and get me a toddler."
10. "i have to be the one to break it to you, you've been kicked into obscurity like judo, no menudo."
11. "you are a lonely, weak, pathetic man if this is doin' the best you can."
12. "happy ho ho ho to you!"
13. "you okay there, marge?" "oh yeah, just think i'm gonna barf."
14. "how'd i end up feelin' so bad for such a little girl"
15. "she turns me on like a pick-up truck"

*bonus, worth 3 points: "if your manner of speech is any indication of the workings of your mind, then it's a wonder you can even tie your shoes."