Thoughts, by e2theLos

4:12am (woken up by need to pee) thank goodness it's only 4:12am

7:15am why are g & b talking about pharrell so early?!

7:56am okay, i'll get up. but leroy so wants me to keep sleeping...

8:02am okay, really, if leroy's gotten up...

8:13am egad! see, this is why i can't get a tattoo.

8:54am he's right. i am hott. *wink*

11:15am think i'd get fired if i threw this printer out the fucking window?!

1:03pm i wonder how skinny i'd get if i only ate jelly beans & vodka?

1:45pm maybe i should sell an egg or two...

2:12pm i wonder what charlie will make us for dinner tonight...oh, maybe he'll pile his dreads up again...mmm...

2:26pm is he flirting with me? i think he might be flirting with me...

2:34pm pharrailling.

2:37pm pharrailing.

2:39pm pharrailing.

2:58pm i really think some people just give up on being attractive.

3:06pm da da da forever in blue jeans

3:29pm dude!

3:37pm okay, definitely flirting with me.

3:37:30pm pharrailling.

3:43pm if i move there, how would i meet anyone?

3:46pm i wonder if zev has updated yet.