Today I Qualify for an I'm-Neurotic-but-Cute Meg Ryan Movie

and not only because i have crazy, curly hair.

today i decided to walk to work. i put on my new pink roos and my new britneys (to go with my janets), put on my headphones, and stepped out. it is a gorgeous day - not a cloud in the sky & a little chilly when the wind blows. it's perfect.

so i'm walking along, enjoying the long-awaited sunlight and just, well, being outside. it is so nice that i am saying good morning to total strangers. i am smiling at dogs. i am kissing babies. i am helping old ladies cross the street. i am a beacon of light, love & friendship.

apparently i was paying too much attention to loving things, and not enough attention to where i was actually walking. i step off the curb & walk smack dab into the biggest black man i have ever seen. we're talking marsellus wallace. we're talking a full momentum, face-in-the-chest bumpin' into.

"oh, pardon me! i'm so sorry!"

but at least i didn't have to be embarrassed. i mean, i'm quirky, not crazy.