Givin' Imelda a Run for her Manolos

one of the best & unexpected benefits of the second job is how many more times a day i now need to change my shoes. for instance, wednesday:

wednesday i wore by new black strappy sandals to work work, but they have too much of a heel and are open-toed, so i changed into my flat embroidered chinese slippers for second job, but then i got to wear my brown flip flops to walk home. and today i am wearing those same black strappy sandals, but tonight i will change into my pink suede roos.

you see, it is difficult to make sure all my shoes get time off the bench. this job just makes it all the more easy.

in other news, we watched the dark crystal last night. man, that is some whack shit! i remembered it being much more life-like as a child, and i can't believe it didn't scare the underoos right off me! those skexies are scary, and i LOVED them. i particularly loved the feast scene where the stab & pound all these cute little fluff balls they call 'dessert.'

what does this say about me?