Greetings Friends and Family of the Weatherford Jackson Band

Mark Jackson has finally returned from his Australian pilgrimage (to view the rock his ancestors crawled out from under), and the WJ Band is set to begin its worldwide Hill Country summer tour.

Currently, we have the following firm dates:

May 29 Chili's (Kerrville) on the Guadalupe River stage This Coming Saturday! Saturday; 8-11:00
(there's no better place to enjoy a tasty top shelf margarita)

June 11 Chili's (Kerrville) (encore performance)
Friday; 7-10:00

June 12 Texas Folklife Festival (San Antonio, Tx.)
(Saturday; TBA) The WJ Band makes its Folklife Festival debut!

June 13 Texas Folklife Festival (two more performances)
(Sunday; TBA)

Rave Reviews For the Weatherford Jackson Band:

Overheard at Kerrville's Downtowner after a recent WJ Band performance:

"Simply Awesome! Best band I've heard all day" (Bartender)

"Incredible! I've never seen anyone roll a cigarette and play the harp at the same time" (Sound Guy)

"The WJ Band ROCKS!! They are my favorite band" (Barrett's Mom)

"Is that a drumstick in Tom's pocket, or is he just glad to see me?" (Concerned Fan)

"Hey, I recognize that song" (New Fan)

"I want to have Barrett's baby" (Groupie)

"Turn that #%&# down!!" (Steve's Dad)

The Weatherford Jackson Band

The WJ Band is a a Hill Country-based group that plays original Americana with a south-of-the-border flair, throwing in an occasional cover for good measure.

We are:

Mark Jackson (vocals, guitar, cosmic debris)

Seth Weatherford (harp, keyboards, vocals, VP of audience participation)

Barrett Beach (bass, vocals, groupie magnet)

Steve Schulte (lead guitars, mandolin, sarcasm)

Tom Goodwyn (drums, percussion, hawaiian shirts)

Check It Out:

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