It's a Small World After All

if any of y'all have visited the links to the right, you've probably been to que sera sera and you know how delightful & intersting sarah brown is. if you haven't, then i suggest you get right on it, right after you see a lindsey lohan movie and send me that t-shirt. wink wink.

i linked to que sera sera through dooce, and i found her blog to be so entertaining that i read several years worth in only several days. in a few old posts i realized that i knew a few of her friends, including her best friend, and, as it turns out, her first real boyfriend.

in yesterday's post, however, she referenced her first boyfriend (please do not confuse this with her first real boyfriend) - a boy named matt with several sisters and only one thumb. now i knew a boy named matt with several sisters and only one thumb, and this realization prompted us to chat all morning about who we knew and who knew who and all that. it was a morning of "oh my god!" and "i totally knew him!" and "who else can we think of - this is so fun!" and memories of people and places i haven't seen or even thought about for years and years, some victims of circumstance and some i intentionally excommunicated.

it seems we shared lots of friends, both close and peripheral, and it seems so strange that we never met. to give you an example of how many near misses we have had, i asked her if she knows my friend jerry, who is also from tulsa and who also lives in park slope. her response? "No, but I was at a party last weekend where this girl said she knew a guy from Tulsa named Jerry! Asdkjsdfjasfjd. I have to meet him!"

in all the fuss, however, we realized that we were talking about two different matts. but what are the odds of our knowing two different thumbless matts with lots of sisters, both from tulsa?

it's a small world afterall.