I've Got Some Dirt On My Shoulders - Can You Brush It Off For Me?

here's something that would knock derek fisher right on his laker ass - bikram yoga. kimcam & i went last night for the first time, and let me tell you, it was fantastic. i can easily see how this could become a very important part of your life.

bikram yoga is a series of 27 positions done in a 110 degree room over 90 minutes. kimcam & i were warned that this would be a "heat like we had never experienced." obviously little miss yoga instructor has never been to texas in august. i mean, it was hot in there, but never was it unbearable and it certainly wasn't new to us.

i had been told by another (beautiful) friend that b.y. feels just great & that she leaves there on cloud 9, feeling relaxed, and that this feeling lasts for days. i think i need to push myself a little more to get that. but i do feel fantastic and slept like a baby.

i'll get back to you on thursday, after we've gone again.