Just Another Reason Why I'm Anti-Poodle

y'all would not believe this poodle that came in the store last night!!!

my first day at BC was last saturday. while we were training, they mentioned that BC is a dog-friendly store, and blah blah blah about the dogs & the treats &...."but wait till you meet annie..."

well, last night, i met annie.

annie is a grey poodle weighing about 25 pounds. she is perpetually at the feet of her owner, a tanned-coiffed-and-painted 50ish wine lover. annie is covered in bows. i'm talking head to tail, neon pink bows! it's awful.

now annie expects a treat when her owner gets wine, except that annie a) requires that the treat be appropriately sized, b) that the treat be served to her on the rug and c) that you pretend to eat the treat first.

so folks, last night i pretended to eat a dog biscuit in public. i'm all for luvin' your dog, but not a fuckin' poodle.