Back. I am, not as in baby got

although, come to think of it...

i spent the past 5 days in texas, and it was so wonderful at times that i can't even put it into words. i get a really comfortable, proud, happy feeling when i am home, and i can't wait to go back in august! particularly with bees!

i was going to post while there, just to keep y'all abreast of my shopping & mexican food consumption, but then i realized that my nosy, 13-year-old sister would then have access to the blog on the pull-down menu of urls recently visited, and, well, we just can't have that. she already has a cell phone and skirts that look like belts from Units in the 80s and avril-style eye liner. not to mention that she mouthed "fuck you motherfucker" to me when i said i hadn't caught what the athlete on tv had just said. thankyouverymuch martypants.

but back to the point. i got to see mere & the grape, jorge ames, my whole family, the alamo, tons of mexicans (gosh! how i miss mexicans), south congress, the capitol, the hill country, sweet thomas, the wind & fletch, deer and cactus, a blue grass band, the tower while i had my horns up out the sunroof on 1-35, salsa, enchiladas, puffy tacos, margaritas and tons of frida stuff.

thank you to everyone who made time to see me. e2theLos is one happy girl.