Did I Really Say THAT?!?!?!
i recently learned that someone, let's call her kelly, is reading my blog.   regurlarly.  and knowing this, i paused for a moment, thinking that perhaps i shouldn't post this post, mostly because she has two small children who i love more than my sequined shoes and if i say everything i want to say then she might think that i am, well, not child-friendly.  but then i decided that self-censorship is totally anti-blog and i can't be responsible for the reactions of others, so...
last night i heard bees retelling a story:  we were at wolf trap seeing lyle lovett.  and eating great food.  with great friends.  and drinking wine.  and apparently someone went to the restroom with her, and as they were walking to the ladies they passed a park ranger.  this someone said, " do you think it'd be worth sleeping with a park ranger, just so you could wear that hat while you're on top?!"
we all start laughing, and through our giggles i ask, "who said that?  that is so funny!"
"YOU DID!!!"