I would like to send a shot out

to my boy zev. 

he is moving to minneapolis today.  he'll start law school there in the fall, surrounded by books and snow and nordic girls.  best of luck to him.

last night we got together to have sushi and towards the end of the meal perry had a stranger take some photos of us.  it was nice to have all of us together and it seemed really normal up until that point - we just laughed and joked and talked about all the normal bs.   but once we took the final photo - like, let's never forget this great moment that will never, ever happen again - i felt a little sad.  zev has never been a super close friend, much as i've tried, but he's someone i always like to have around.  he makes everything more fun.  

there was one hot sunday last year.  we had all been out late late the night before, and perry had announced that he would get up early to make his famous migas.   will stayed over and zev came back early with the makings for mimosas.  we had a great breakfast that cured any hangover we might have had coming, and sat around all full and happy.  these are the moments i have a perfect photo of in my mind; there's no need for the other kind.  i can still see perry across the table serving the migas, will with his shirt off and his broken arm all wrapped in a bandage, and zev next to me, laughing.  

later we started playing trivial pursuit (my secret weapon miss weave was playing by this point and we were kicking some serious ass) and in the middle of the game zev decided to flip through an l.l. bean catalogue we had lying around.  "oh, i've been wanting a cashmere cardigan!"  and he whips out the credit card and is on the phone with lady at l.l. bean placing his order.  at the end of the call she must have asked him if he had any other questions.  "oh yeah.  just one more.  which 1980s fad superheros were known to be "in a half shell?" (or something like that.)  the l.l. bean lady answered "the spice girls."  "oh, too bad, lady.  it's the teenage mutant ninja turtles." 

another time we had spent the evening at the iota seeing alejandro escovedo.  one person, who shall not be named, stopped at taco bell on the way home to bring us all burritos.  zev & i drove home together, but the rest of our group never made it.  it seems they had been detained by the police, and one person had been taken in.  so, after a long night of trying to locate this friend AND get him out of jail, we finally made it home as the sun was coming up.  all zev had to say about the entire night was, "damn.  i really wanted that burrito.  fucking pig probably ate it."

so, snaps to you, minneapolis.  you're gaining a great guy.  treat him right.
P.S.  zev made it about 45 minutes outside of dc when his u-haul caught on fire.  ON.  FIRE.  last i heard he & ted were at the bar in a holiday inn in frederick, md.  snicker.