Lock Up Your Daughters

look out dc - all the schulte boys are in town.  in the past 48 hours there has been more head banging, more loud shirts, and more full-on tackling than i think dc has seen all summer.  well, outside of bonnie's bedroom.

saturday night we all trekked to fredericksburg, virginia to see LTH.  they played a fun set in the fredericksburg high school auditorium and we raised the roof, so we got an encore.  as they were coming back on stage steveschulte, of the weatherford jackson band, asked if we had gotten them back out so quickly by holding up a lighter.  both bonnie & i , simultaneously, said no, we flashed them, of course.  and bonnie made this sexy little motion like she was pulling her shirt up, and we just laughed & laughed.

well, eric, the lead singer, decided to call me out for laughing.  "what are you laughing at?  no, no, you, in the second row.  what's so funny?"  at that the drummer mumbled to eric that he knew what we were laughing at, as he had seen the sexy little motion, and eric laughed and said, "no, we don't know that one" and winked at me. 

last night we capped off the weekend with a doobie brothers concert at wolftrap.  i have never seen more pony-tailed men in all my life.  i was kicking myself for not wearing my cut-off harley shirt.  but, seriously, who knew the doobie brothers could rock?!?!