My Ba-Ba

my sweet, fluffy, adorable, snuggly, astute, embodiment of light & love & all that is petable baby ba-ba spent the day outside yesterday!

i got an email from bees about 4:30 that read "don't panic. but apparently the front door has been open since, like, noon, and the dogs have been outside."


our fence is not exactly dog-proof, and while leroy normally stays in the yard, muggins is known to dart for all sorts of things offensive - birds, squirrels, mormons, cats (the only legit offense, if you ask me.) and while leroy is incredibly bright and possesses an emotional intelligence of mother theresa caliber, he is known to be a bit of a follower. muggins certainly wears the pants, so it seemed likely to me that he might follow her lead and get kicked or squished or lost or stolen or something equally as awful.

bees also mentioned that the workmen next door were going to try to herd them back into the house. and that they had been "keeping an eye" on things. well since they painted one half of the house next door peach and the other half pink (i shit you not) i was not too confident in their judgment AT ALL.

i rushed home only to find D standing on the steps with a bewildered, and i'll admit it, a bit scared of me, look on his face. not only were the dogs inside and nothing was stolen, but someone also BROUGHT IN the paper & the mail. go figure.

we still don't know how the door got open, or how long it was open, or who closed it and brought in the mail. when i went next door to kiss the workmen for "keeping an eye" on my dog, even they had no idea. all they had to offer was, "man, that little white one is vicious!"

so, i'm blaming agnes, the resident ghost. either that, or muggins figured out how to stand on leroy's shoulders and jimmy the lock with her tail...ARF ARF.