Donde estaba e2theLos?

i spent the last seven days in mexico. i wrote down where we went & what we did & things we ate & drank & even our little jokes so that i could share it all with you, internet, as soon as i got back. and i am so excited to share!

but now that i'm back, and i'm not in this magical world with better, hotter showers & kick-ass coffee & amazing combinations of foods that create fireworks in your mouth, i'm sad. i'm more than a little sad. i am in full-blown dc let-down, and let me just tell you, typing this from my desk under fluorescent lights ain't helping things at all.

i'm also struggling with the best way to present my experiences, so that you, too, can fall in love with mexico city. (and that's just so you'll come visit me once i've moved there.) as soon as i can get my thoughts together, you're gonna get one helluva post.

p.s. - i did miss you.
p.p.s. - i don't know how often you folks check the links i have on this site, but send a shot out to dooce. girlfriend needs it.