Yee Haw! And, Sigh...

yee haw: i am so pleased that when it takes me a whole seven days to update e2theLos y'all are chomping at the bit for me to post! i love it!

and, sigh: my first love is engaged. to a probably delightful girl, and, in fact, when i met her she was cute as a button, but we shall henceforth refer to her as The Ho. my first love & i have known each other since fourth grade and he was my first friend when i moved to tulsa. and we loved each other. i mean, we each dated others, but no one really counted until we went to college, and then he met The Ho. they've been dating ever since, and i've dated all over the place, but The Ho wasn't supposed to count for real.

and then as i was telling the story of how he lost his virginity - i mean how i heard he lost his virginity - this past saturday, i get a call from him. speak of the devil. "hey emily. call me back!!!" and i knew. i totally knew he was engaged to The Ho. so of course, i don't immediately call back. and then today i get two emails. "have you lost your phone? is your number wrong? CALL ME BACK!"

and, sigh, it's true. he's engaged. to The Ho. good news is we still have a year to break it up.