I'm Hoping It Just Hits Me Like a Mack Truck

i've had a lot of education. and good stuff, too. i have some common sense and i'm fairly level-headed...unless we're talking about power tools. and screwdrivers. i still never know which one is the plain one and which one is the fancy one. but, i can get by. and, well, there was that one time that i flushed my keys down the toilet, but that's a post for another day. i'm nice and i have good manners and i know when to use each fork and the proper way to order a drink in, like, 6 languages. and i'd say i'm a pretty confident person. i know who i am and who i'm not and, certainly, what i don't want to be. i know what i want out of life.

good for you, e2theLos!, is what you're probably thinking. but, how good is knowing what you want out of life if you don't know how to make it happen?

there's this idea out there that your adolescence is the most difficult time in your life. i am here to debunk that idea: i think it's now. i think it's your mid-twenties - when it's time to really buck up and make things happen for yourself. i'm officially an adult, but a new one. and i'm too old to be young but too young to be old. and i'm totally unsure of what to do with myself next.

i'm hoping that when it comes time to make crucial decisions - like where to move & if i should take a new job & if i should really give a guy a serious chance - that the best choice just hits me in the face like a cold fish & the answer is clear. and if that doesn't work, i guess i'm just going to do one big, giant MASH & hope for the best. (ooh, my fingers are crossed.)