You Really Just Never Know

i was just reading dooce's post today.

you should really go read it before you read the rest of this.

but it reminded me of this story that someone told me once. like dooce, i can't reveal the identity of this person, because that would be mortifying and disrespectful. no one wants these kind of stories talked about, let alone posted on the internet. but man, this is funny.

so one time a friend of mine wasn't feeling well, and much to this friend's horrible discomfort, this friend was forced to use the office restroom.

and this friend really hates that.

i mean, this friend really, really hates that.

so this friend was trying to make the best of having to use the office restroom, and, to be polite, decided to flush mid-use. but as this friend was reaching around to find the handle, fumbling behind, this friend smacked his/her head into a metal trash receptacle that was attached to the stall wall.


and in doing so, this friend cut a big, pink gash into his/her forehead. an un-hide-able, totally obvious, unexplainable, big pink gash.

the worst of it was, later that night this friend had a date.

so there's the date, the friend, and the big, pink gash on the forehead.

and when the date asked this friend how it happened, and this friend suddenly panicked and said, "um, i accidentally hit it on my desk."

the moral of these stories (and i really hope you did read dooce's) is that the office restroom is a dangerous place. avoid it at all costs.