it's over

i think my computer is breaking up with me. i'm not sure, but he seems to be distancing himself from me, and the more i try to make it better, the more offensive i become. i mean, i've tried petting him. i've tried talking to him nicely. i even tried taping pretty drawings and positive sayings to his screen. nothing worked - he just decided to take take longer in opening attachments.

i've tried making excuses for his inadequacies. to myself and others. 'he's just having a bad day.' 'he doesn't mean to make me look computer un-savvy.' 'my not being able to even turn him on today doesn't mean he's trying to completely humiliate me...he'd never do that...' but the more excuses i made, the more i knew that things weren't working. he just isn't committed to this relationship.

the worst part his, he clearly doesn't have the nerve to make a clean break. oh no, he's driving me to do it. he thinks he can wear me down with his stalling as i try to switch screens. or the way he can just suddenly pretend that the mouse isn't attached anymore. and don't even get me started on how he thinks it's okay to have just one functioning speaker ...slack ass.

but he has totally underestimated me. i will not give him the easy way out. i will not do his dirty work for him. if he wants to end this partnership then dammit he's going to have to grow a hard drive and take the matter into his own ram.