John Carlos

until last monday, my father didn't use a computer. had no knowledge of them whatsoever. he had never emailed. he didn't know what an attachment was. he called the mouse "that arrow thing." his favorite jokes (at which he, and only he, laughed) were, "i can't even spell email." and "yeah, that internet. i really think it's gonna catch on."

but last monday started his 55th year and new era in the life of John Carlos, as he was mercilessly thrust into technology. and i am tickled pink. here are the first emails i have received from my dad, unedited.

1. Emmo-sorry about the delay. I'm a very busy and important man. El jeffe.
2. Bill gates has nothing on me. I'm turning into computer nerd .
3. Dude! Can you say gooooooooooooooooooogle?
4. I'm leaving early. Gotta pimp my ride. It's the weekend!

that's my father, internet, 'pimping his ride'for all the 'computer nerds' to see. 'dude.'