at the beginning of october i predicted that it would be a good month for me, since it got off to such an auspicious start and all. it did not let me down. here is a recap of october, in all it's glory. (categorized, of course.)

things that made me happy:
- spending 2 great nights with all my college roommates
- wandering in central market, aisle by aisle
- discovering that candle-lit showers can be even better if you're alone
- rediscovering my bat socks..3 bats AH AH AH
- falling even harder for mos def due to track 11, the new danger
- my date with aykut

things that made me cry those bittersweet, happy tears:
- driving through south texas after a great weekend home
- sitting at dinner with my father, having an adult conversation, and realizing this was the first time we had been alone in years
- leroy all snuggled up under the electric blanket
- jamie cullum's version of jeff buckley's 'lover, you should have come over'

things that made me proud:
- watching anne walk down the aisle
- cleaning out my closet & finally getting my wardrobe in order
- working out again
- ever-politely helping the strange man in the wine store whom at first i thought was just weird, then i thought was on drugs, but finally figured out he was mentally challenged
- capitol bite night with dc central kitchen

things that should have made me not-proud, but didn't:
- eating a complete five guys burger...with fries & a root beer
- flirting my way to illegally duplicating copyrighted material
- saying fuck in front of a 2 year old
- flirting with the south african minister at anne's wedding
- actually pausing to consider having sex in the bathroom with that hot, hot black doctor

and you know what else? i have the best two days ahead of me yet.
november, i'm ready for ya.