Being Shy is a Waste of Time

"emily made us laugh so hard we almost peed our pants..."

last wednesday was fray day 8. dc's event was held at love cafe, proprieted by the charming, handsome, and, evidently exhausted, warren brown. i found out about fray day by reading tequila mockingbird's (above linked) blog and when i realized she was a featured speaker i marked fray day on my calendar in bright, pink ink.

a chance to see tequila mockingbird? in person? and hear a story? in person? and eat cake? hot damn. it doesn't get much better than that.

i arrived early and got seats for me & kristin, who was kind enough to come with me, and even offer me dinner afterwards! we sat and listened and laughed and contemplated and applauded as all of the featured and scheduled speakers took their turns at the microphone. there were stories about parents and computers, crazy men burying their cremated wives, finding love where you least expect it, delayed puberties, adolescent summer camp pranks and not having a boyfriend to take home to your ever-persistent and anxious family. (ahem ahem.)

once all the scheduled speakers had a go, the mic was opened up to anyone else with a story. the only guidelines were that it had to be true and it had to be personal.

and that's when it happened.

before i knew what was going on, i stood up.

"i'll tell a story."

[holy fuck, was that me?!]

"hi, i'm emily."

[what are you DOING? you're petrified of public speaking! you hands were all sweaty just moments ago in sympathy for that other person. sit down!]

"i figured i should step here so i could face my greatest fear...that, and i don't know anyone here..."

and they laughed. all of them.

[okay, maybe you can do this, you badass.]

i went on to tell a funny experience i had at best cellars. into a microphone. (did i mention there was microphone?) and the audience, they kept laughing, and at all the right moments. when i finished, they applauded. for the entire time it took me to get back to my seat.

wow. sometimes i suprise myself.