Crappity Crap Crap

it's amazing to me that people cannot recognize crap. i just went to the office printer and there was a pile of screwy, incoherent garbage printed on a stack of papers that someone had just left sitting there. no one needs this. no one is going to use this. this is obviously crap - throw it away! or better yet, recycle it, so we have less crap. and do it for yourself. i am not your crapmaster.

but it's not just this. there's crap everywhere and people buy into it, even encourage it. like shopping at ann taylor loft or eating spam or voting for people like tom coburn. CRAP! recognize crap for crap and say, "I DO NOT LIKE CRAP! IN FACT, I ABHOR CRAP!" and just be done with it. definitely don't be a crapmaster.

on a totally crap-opposite note, i have a really addictive personally when it comes to things i love. if i love something, i just want more & more & more of it. (note to self, boys: i'm a great girlfriend, *wink wink.*) i have been reminded of this characteristic lately, ever since my roommate gave me a feather bed/down comforter combo and introduced york peppermint patties into the household in a 24-hour time span. every day since, i have looked forward to nibbling on a peppermint patty in bed later that night. i'm a fiend. (note to self #2, boys: you're easily replaced by a candy and an episode of Cheers.)

and more on crap: i really want to beef up e2theLos. this is something i really enjoy and i would love to spend more time on it, if i didn't have to create everything at my crappy work computer under crappy fluorescent light. the more i visit other blogs, the more i am aware that this site is just not where i want it. i say it hovers right around crap plus four. i want better graphics and a cooler lay-out and neater fonts and more photos. so, for christmas i want a nikon d70, a mac super-duper laptop and an i-pod. for creative inspiration, of course.

but you what santa will say? "THAT'S CRAP!"