Don't Call It A Come Back

last night i did something that i hadn't done in a long time. something i really enjoy. something that starts in public but ends up the privacy of your own home, using all sorts of fun toys and different viscous substances. and once you're done, you fell totally spent & satisfied.

that's right, i cooked.

here's a little known fact about me, internet: i love chicken pot pies. i crave them. i think they are the worlds best comfort food, and any time there is a even a hint of cooler weather or a little sadness or a slight cough, i want to be all over a chicken pot pie. problem is, they're not the healthiest thing to eat, so my heart goes through a little tug of war.

[frivolous los:] just eat it. you're sick. eh eh

[cautious los:] oh why don't you just take it & stick it right on your ASS, cuz that's where it's going! you whore.

you get an idea of the dilemma.

so last night i was tickled pink to find a recipe for chicken pot pie soup! yes! an alternative to the pie that i easily made much healthier than the crusty version, but ever so satisfying.

i'm telling you, she may be in the pen, but martha's spirit lives on at 1522. except that i used canned soup, and she would have milked the cow. but that's not the point. the point is my victory, neither small nor lame.