B to the Third Power

yesterday was Bonnie Bacon's Birthday and we celebrated hard core. the night started off calmly enough, though. here are exhibits a & b that we were, at one point, well-behaved.

we went to helix for dinner & drinks and were joined by lots of friends. if anyone can bring out the people, it's bonnie. it seemed that every single person who came in was there for her party! consequently, there were toasts and birthday cards and the telling of bonnie stories. helix was even kind enough to create a bees-tini in honor of the occasion!

our waitress, who i must say did an excellent job of handling all of us, was also named bonnie!

very quickly, and it always goes this way, the night just got rowdy. by 8 or so we had most of the bar to ourselves, and we were all having a blast.

but especially bonnie.

and then POOF! we had a drink fairy. some creepy guy in the corner kept sending us drinks and, even though he bugged us out, we flirted shamelessly to turn that one drink into six. and then there were birthday shots. (author's note - thank you to whomever sent us those shots; we still don't know. i don't do shots unless in mexico, and i firmly believe that alcohol and milk products just don't mix. as a result, there was at least one shot that was left on the table. but it was appreciated.)

finally, bonnie had had enough and she got up to dance. and by dance, i mean she made us all laugh so hard we thought it was our birthday! see for yourselves.

of course, she was ultimately rewarded with a cherry.

it was a great night and i am just too sleepy to write any more.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEES!!! i hope you had a great night.