Fairy Tale

once upon a time it was good.

once upon a time it was nice. and safe.

once upon a time it was warm socks and oversized sweats. it was poetry in bed and nights spent on the roof. it was bourbon in the bath and arguments over proper crossword penmanship. it was sly glances over a pool table and looks that no one else saw. it was ripped clothing and tiaras and deadbolt necklaces. it was clem snide softly and counting crows loudly. it was talks over vodka tonics while our knees touched under the table.

once upon a time it was reading aloud to one another on a car ride in the snow. it was a phone call from you as you cried alone in your bath tub. it was snowball fights in the streets and late-night texts. it was movies with my head in your lap. it was nights under hand-made quilts. it was back flips off your couch and rainy nights at wolf trap. it was whispered words and dreams spent underneath you.

once upon a time i saw a side of you that i thought no one else saw.

but now i'm seeing a side that everyone sees.

and my push has come to shove.