Free Association

all through the day, song lyrics have popped into my head in reference to actual, real life conversations.

"you really shouldn't be laid back in a meeting."
laid back, with my mind on my money and my money on my mind

"come over here."
lover, you should've come over

"it's been a long day at work."
can you work it? lemme work it. i put my thing down flip it and reverse it.

"are you going out tonight?"
everybody wang chung tonight

"..they come into the lobby, and you'll then escort them onto the elevator and to the 10th floor..."
love in an elevator, lovin' it up while i'm going down

"they're in the back of the office, playing that game where they throw a ball into a box."
i wish i were a little bit taller, i wish i were a baller, i wish i had a girl who looked good - i would call her

"i talked to my dad last night."
i love it when you call me big poppa

"no, i'll miss the party tomorrow as i have to go to santa barbara for work."
goin' back to cali...cali...cali...

"shouldn't you be on a train by now?"
come on ride a train, and ride it

"i am! technology!"
i love technology, but not as much as you, you see...but i STILL love technology...always and forever.

does this stuff happen in other people's heads?!