In a House in France All Covered with Vines Lived One Little Girl...With 2 Handles of Tequila

while in mexico city this past august i was fortunate enough to meet rodolfo, otherwise known as ofo, who is a good friend of one of my good friends here in dc. i had never laid eyes on him until we rolled into a bar in polanco where he was already a few drinks in with his friends.

needless to say, it was an amazing night, and one of my best memories of mexico. it was fascinating to spend time with people who are like you while on vacation. these are young professionals who work and talk about love and movies and vacations - they just do it all in spanish. and in better jeans.

ofo was a wonderful host and despite his incessant recitation of "help me obi wan kenobi; you're my only hope," we have remained friends, mostly via email. yesterday i got this from him, and it just about knocked my socks off.

"you strike me as a "Chic" that appreciates culture, surely very serious but is not afraid to throw down. I think your name suits you perfectly, all neat and tidy. I would even say that if you wouldn't have been born you would be the main character of a children's book, maybe Madeleine's hard-core party half sister or something."

i'm pretty sure we're going to get married.