Nothing But the Best

catherine, i think they are on tv, i said.

"no, no, just perry. not my husband. he's been drinking."

"oh, i'm pretty sure i see steve's red Texas shirt. how could i miss it?!"

"oh. my. god. that IS steve. shit!" catherine actually said shit, and she ran over to the crowd of tv cameras, overhead mics and onlookers that were surrounding perry & steve.

"...oh, i'd say the pat downs are the airport were better than here. mostly cause they wear more form-fitting uniforms." steve was being interviewed by mo rocca for the tonight show!!

a few seconds later i hear mo ask something about the Presidential balls, meaning inaugural, but perry responded with, "well, i guess he's only got two..." and steve followed up with, "and you've got them right in your hands..."

you can tune in for their television debut thursday or friday night.

other honorable mentions for the night include: genevieve's flashing bob schneider - TWICE!, bonnie's dancing against the stage so much that she bruised her knees, d's wearing a shiner bock label on his forehead, jessica's serious booty shakin', and catherine's delivery of plate after plate of jalapeno poppers and vodka tonics, her "official inaugural beverage."

i don't why anyone would bother being friends with people other than my friends.

they are just so fucking awesome.