The Case of the Missing Sanity

somewhere between last night, when i went to sleep all responsible and clean, and this morning, when i woke up a whole three hours early with my stomach in my throat, i lost my sanity. missing. gone. buh-bye.

who's the girl who keeps forgetting what she's doing? YO!

the one who just went down the elevator for no reason whatsoever? OVER HERE!

she who can barely stomach her coffee, cause it's full of butterflies? ME!

the one who can't even sit still for a whole 30 seconds? ME AGAIN!

it's hopeless. i just got distracted trying to reload my stapler.

in my absence, both physical and mental, bonnie will be guest posting. yours truly is going to be downing tequila in mexico in an attempt to self-medicate the missing mind. i promise bonnie won't let you down - she's much like the usual author on this site, only slightly drunker and with rowdier bedroom stories.