Donk whomp whomp, is this thing on?

Yeah... Bees here. In the hizz-ouse. I thought I should take this opportunity to tell you a funny story about e2thelos. But then I was thinking about it and well, there aren't any. She's very...

and boring
and hardly ever leaves the house
and nothing ever happens to her.

But funny stuff happens to me ALL THE TIME.

Like today,I was in a meeting for work. After the real work was concluded, my big boss introduced us to his new lady-friend. My big boss and my immediate boss had described her to us before she arrived as being "less of a rommance and more of an adventure" and "kinda loopy, but in the good way." So I was not at all sure of what to expect.

So she came in and my big boss invited us to "interview" her in a joking way and I asked where she grew up and someone else asked what she did for a living. Then our other colleague, who tends to pull this kind of crap, went ahead a blurted out a more personal question with, "What's your maritial history?" You know, not to like, put too fine a point on it with someone you met five minutes ago, or anything..!

But really, the new lady-friend did me proud and taught me a thing or two about responding to people's nosy-ass questions. Basically, she went the ridiculous route. She said simply,

"Well I was married to a man once. We met through the personals in "local-city-magazine" and on our first date, he played "Deck the Halls" on a piece of floss on the "famous-late-night-show" show. I just knew I was in love that night. But a year and a half later, he was at an ashram in California making pickles for Krishna and I just knew it wasn't going to work out."

Floss? Love? Pickles? I have no idea if any of it was actually true, what with her being kinda nutty and all - but I don't care, because that shut Little Miss Nosy the hell up, RIGHT QUICK.

Ridiculous AND effective? I can dig it. If things don't work out with her and my big boss, I'm so totally gonna date her crazy ass! (Just as soon as e2thelos teaches me all about that lesbian kind of sex..)