Found on the Metro, Unedited


Baby we need to have a talk please don't ask about what just sit down and liston, I'll tell you everything including the things you'd rather not hear, hold on wait before we go any ferther i am not exspecting, It's just that I think I'am involve with you It's been so long I'am sorry I never told you I didn't think you would care of even wanna hear I mean you Life is so busy you would never have time for Me, not even think you got a girl." If you ever thought about it, it's like you no but you dont care because you an't interested, I just thought you should no, but wait I'am finish that was the discussion "I still got a congession or should I say congession. I'am so confused cause I know you got a girl but I just keep comeing back to you I didn't Run, I caught the bus, sometimes I walked to get to you, any ways I got a little bit more to tell you, I cant do it I won't do it, you cheated I cheated we both cheated lets just leave it alone. You got a girl I got a man lets just keep what we got even though I want you bad and I don't got you and said to myself I'am gonna fight for you," Not phsically but emotional but fuck it ama" do us both a fava" and stop wasting my time. And I know no it's bad that we an't talk no more, but I love you enough to let you go!!! I'am going keep on walk'n I know I can do it, I am not going look back cause if I do I garentee ama wanna come back, just to let you no I'am not going come back so don't wait up for me cause I won't be back