Conversations with Los

[bonnie:] BURP.
[los:] ew. that was awful.
[bonnie:] oh whatever. i'm with family!
[los:] really? aw bees. that's the sweetest thing you've ever said after a burp!

[los:] if she gets to move into the back house she's going to start doing coke!
[bonnie:] no she won't! coke is ghetto.
[weave:] oh no. coke is the rich woman's crack. and crack is WHACK.

[bonnie:] her family went on vacation without telling her!
[weave:] that's hilarious!
[los:] i'm glad y'all think this is so amusing. i actually find it rather upsetting.
[bonnie:] it's so 'home alone!'
[los:] hmpf.

[los:] genevieve, i am talking to you.
[bonnie:] oh babe. she's reading about gael. you've lost her.
[weave:] 5'6"! he's only 5'6"! damn!
[jessica:] genevieve, do you know how tall you are? you can totally date someone who is 5'6".
[los:] i can't believe you can get away with saying that to her.
[weave:] damn...5'6"...

[bonnie:] can you imagine hearing a laugh like that? and in the bedroom?
[los:] can you imagine being scared of a dick?

[bonnie:] okay, what if we mix the vodka with big red?
[los:] sure!
[bonnie:] do you think it'll be too sweet? should we put a lime in it?
[los:] i think it'll do in a pinch. i mean, it has vodka in it, right?

[los:] you are such a dirty slut.
[bonnie:] whatever. you're the one who's in love with a mexican.