Conversations with Los

scene one - the office

[k]: come on. let's go to mcdonald's. i'll be your partner in crime - your wife will never know!

[s]: i think mcdonald's is slowly killing me...

[k]: no! it's good. come on. let's go.

[los]: y'all know how i feel about mcdonald's. ick.

[k]: i'll even let you have my fries, since i gave them up for lent.

[s, squirming]: no, i better get something else. no mcdonald's.

[los]: two donuts and then mcdonald's - that will kill you.

[s]: i know. so what should i get then?

[los]: go get a salad. i'll go with you.

[k]: MCDONALD'S!!!!!!

[s]: sigh.

scene two - mcdonald's

[k]: awesome.

[los]: so, what'd you get?

[k]: two burgers, chicken mcnuggets and a coke. but no fries!

[los]: good for you. where's s?

[k]: over there, in line.

k gets coke. los glances around mcdonald's, disgusted.

[los]: mmm, mcdonald's. so, what'd you get?


[dude]: uh...a salad?

[los]: YOU'RE SO NOT S! HA!

[other dude, who had overheard]: ha! that's okay; it's fun to ask. me? i got a big mac.

[los, to myself]: i am such an ass.