Feisty Fridays

come friday, you better watch out. i am feisty. there is just no telling what i'll do or say. email, however, is where i really feist.

welcome to another feisty friday! i'll be your foxy feistress, providing for all of your feisting needs.

i find it hard to sit still, what with all this feisting to do. there are boys to flirt with, thursday night tales to regale, blogs to hit just once more before the weekend, drinks to be had, plans to discuss - it's endless.

what are you wearing? have you slept with your boss yet?

in a particularly feistful bout of friday feistiness, i was going to delete my last post. i didn't like where it was going, and i regretted that i used e2theLos as a means to communicate with one person in particular. (last night i had thought it clever to respond to jack's post on his blog that was clearly about me, but this morning i reconsidered.)

once i checked my comments, however, i knew it had to stay. you people are funny.

tell me, is friday feistiness contagious?