Conversations with Los

[los:] what up, homeslice?

[dad:] yo! tell me about your trip.

[los:] i know, i've been meaning to call. but can you believe i've been busy everynight this week?

[dad:] call this weekend. REAL tomato ketchup eddie?

[los:] yes sir. a liger? it's a cross between a tiger & a lion. it's practically my favorite animal.

[dad:] stop right now and go fix yourself a DANG quesadilla!

[los:] GAH you're bruising all my neck meat!

[dad:] no fair. that was going to be my next one.

[los:] i could have ripped your mole off.

[dad:] well, stop eating all the steak.

my dad is totally cooler than your dad.