I Can't Stop Twitching

i just spent the last two hours on the phone with john, my techie, in an, apparently, futile attempt to save my email account. john is in charleston, west virginia on a wildlife refuge with deer and geese (although they hiss, and you aren't allowed to kick them) and an occasional bear, where it's sunny and they have email.

i am sitting at my desk, it's cloudy out and i have no email. life is unfair.

i am an email addict. really, an addict. my blackberry wasn't called my marion barry for nothing. i have my server set to check for my email every 60 seconds. i read it immediately as it comes in. some of my finest prose, my funniest moments, my most impressive professional accomplishments have occurred via email.

and yet today i was reduced to this:

"hello, email help desk, this is john."


so we tried to uninstall, reinstall, clean up the folders, reboot and it's just, well, dead. now someone from the email powers that be is supposed to call me back to resuscitate my email.

until then, i'll just be sitting here twitching with this taped to my desk -

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