In Case of an Emergency

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This message shall serve as your official warning as to the level of feistiness you are currently experiencing. The below chart is an easy-to-read, color-based guide, designed for all ranges of familiarity with feistiness.

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Your current level of fiestiness is: HIGH.

HIGH levels of fiestiness are characterized by a sassy mouth and a spiked sense of humor.

SEVERE levels of fiestiness are known for the suggestion of truth or dare, flashing and practical jokes.

Common triggers causing an increase in level from HIGH to SEVERE are known to be vodka, flirting, and the proximity of exciting social plans.

Please note that the status of said feistiness can change abruptly and without warning. It is best to stay prepared. For more information on preparedness, please visit: www.readyforfeistye.gov

Your Local Office of Fiest