So Real I Can Still Feel It

it's dark and cold outside, but cozy and warm in the car. i have all my belongings, my dog & my boyfriend. i'm not sure where we're going, but i know what we're leaving. we're in socks and sweaters - clothes that make you feel comforted and loved. there's quiet music on the radio, and we're casually singing along, lost in thought and time and the togetherness of the moment.

naturally, he reaches over and touches my thigh in a familiar and affectionate way. the way a lover would easily do, without giving it much thought. his touch sends a wave of calm and excitement over me, a contradiction that is typical of our time together. i love it. and i can tell i love him.

after a time, he breaks the silence. his sexy, thick, rough voice, dripping with his accent, says, "how long is your fucking mother going to follow us?"

ha. all a dream, but yet so so so real.

and the lover? my soulmate? the one with the electric touch? a man who has touched me before, in a familiar way. one who holds my happiness in the palm of his hand. he has the power to bring me to tears - either from pride and joy or bitter disappointment. he can do it all, and without saying a word.

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i'm taking the dream as a good sign. we're going to kick some ass tonight.