National Weather Service Alert from Agent Getz

MIAMI - A tropical depression in the Atlantic has developed into Emily

That's a record fifth named storm that has tried an at-home makeover, with much success but as passers-by will comment, oh, that last storm Dennis, well he was just a fashion DISASTER!

The new storm, Emily, is about 5-4, long black hair, with all the right curves and the titties you want. She resides in the middle of the capitol of the free world, an area smashed between the small state of Maryland and the commonwealth of Virginia where a few hottie brothas make her swoon.

According to the National Hurricane Center - in Miami - Emily has great legs, looks fabu in boots, and can wear a pair of dungarees that shows off her booty. It is expected that bubbly personality will strengthen as she absorbs wine on Tuesday, while gradually being more sexy as the night goes on. The projected path of Emily is still unknown, but friends of the storm say that she’s just the sweetest thing.