Conversations with Los

[los:] "bonnie - look at those funky shirts. they're only $7! doesn't charlie need new shirts?!"

[b:] "hell yeah. are there good ones?"

[los:] "i like this one with the pineapples!"

[b:] "are those pineapples? or sea anemones?"

[los:] "who cares? oh and this one with the flowers!"

[b:] "wait, he'd really like this one with the stripes."

[los:] "ew. too 70s cafeteria furniture. ick."

[b:] "okay. how about this one?"

[los:] "who else needs shirts? perry? will? no, that'd freak will out. i'll get one for perry."

[b:] "freak him out? wait...are we wife-ing out here?


[b:] "fuck it. they're $7."

[los:] "right on."