Knock Knock

i'm the gal who sits next to you
and reads the newspaper over your shoulder.
i'm not finished...
life is so uncertain.

so, yeah, long time no write, eh? neglectful e2theLos. tsk tsk. i've been thinking a lot, though, trying to come up with funny & interesting things to share, but really it seems like all i can ever think of is how gosh-darn happy i am lately, and that is hard to make interesting. let alone funny. the big lady would love it, but she doesn't know about this site and we're going to keep it that way lest someone cares to lose a finger. i could tell you how the heater takes my glasses off my face every night before i fall asleep, or about how he invited me to spend a week in canada with his family & friends, or about how he sends me little notes that say how wonderful i am - but then you'd have to run into the bathroom and stick your finger down your throat, and, really, bulemia is so '87. but you can see what i'm working with here. it's rough being me.

in other news, 1522 is dressing up in 1970s one-peice jump suits this weekend and filling the house with liquor & taquitos. it'll be far out. photos to follow.


Mexican Jumping Thumb

my thumb has been twitching. for over a week now. i've tried everything - caffiene, potassium, all sorts of vitamins, more sleep, less sleep, working out, massage. i think i caught something. i hope it's contagious - i'd love a houseful of twitching digits.

in other news, it's raining. for over a week now. i have to admit that i am enjoying it. cool enough for knee socks, boots & a jacket, but not cold. it's perfect for chili and football and sleeping with the windows open curled up with your own personal heater.

maybe i'm twitching from lack of sunshine? nah, it's probably just the crack.