so a friend of mine just returned from thailand, and he happened to be there over the thai new year last week. he was telling me how it's the craziest tradition he's ever seen - everyone throws/squirts/splashes/dumps water on everyone else. from rooftops, from cars, on the streets with buckets. it's just one, giant water fight. it has a symbolic meaning, of course, if you can get past all the wet t-shirts: the water is meant to wash away all the sins and bad juju from the year before and make you clean for the start of the new year.

well, it's not a new year, per se, but a new year in my life, coming up soon. i'm thinking about having all my friends dump a little water on me. no shots, no presents, just a toast and a glass of water. 27 sucked - what do i have to lose?

stay tuned...photos for sure.