just dipping in a toe...

sadly, thankfully, there are no pictures of the evening. in a particularly drunken moment at a wedding in february, b accidentally dropped her camera, breaking the lens. apparently, it takes, like, five months to get it repaired, but it did spare me the squirmy moments of having to take pictures on your birthday. (i do, however, have access to some really great photos of that drunken moment. if you bribe me, i'll totally post them.)

i also realized that no one is reading this anymore, as no one even came close to pouring a drink on me. c'est la vie - you're the ones who have to deal with the havoc i'll wreak in another 27-like year, so you're really only hurting yourselves.

speaking of, i kinda want to change everything in my life, all at once. i'm thinking about moving - maybe to a new aparement or house, maybe to a new city. country? i'm thinking about chopping off my hair. i'm thinking about getting a car. or maybe taking a really fabulous trip. or just sleeping with someone who doesn't speak english.

i do like my job, though. it's really teaching me a lot.

things i have learned at my new job:

1. when Jesus returns, it will be to the ladies' restroom at the Kitchen.
2. it is possible for a reptile to come through the earth and bite your leg off.
3. you can smoke crack though a car antenna.
4. a trick only costs $6 - $10. for real.
5. saran wrap will save your life.

you'd love it, too. obviously.