i'm just a girl

...on a date. a fabulous date. a date i've been anticipating for months. and everything is going better than i could have dreamed, except...my dang cell phone keeps blowing up. it's in my bag, which is hanging on my chair, and everytime i get a message it sends little, tickling waves up into my back and i am completely distracted.

i received the following text messages while i was fighting a (winning) battle with some chopsticks:

[b:] did you give him a bj yet?

[b:] he's staring at your chest.

[b:] stop staring at his dick.

[b:] there's spinach in your teeth.

[b:] fyi our friend hercules is going to crash here tonight. also important to know: he's black & handsome.

[c freddie:] listen em, i'm in your corner and i know you are doing great. but you need to remember to take your panties with you in the morning.

gotta love 'em. but next time the phone's going on silent. smile.